Aria architectural limestone is the most beautiful cast stone on the market. Crushed limestone is blended with a proprietary mixture of complementary minerals that can achieve a range of finished looks, from textured and old-world to highly polished and modern. Our limestone meets or exceeds all ASTM standards for hardness, strength, and tolerance. In fact, it is so hard that it can be carved by the traditional hammer and chisel method we use to create some of our most intricate designs.

Three manufacturing processes add to the versatility of finished applications: solid casting, hollow casting, and extrusion. Our fireplace mantelpieces are made with our hollow cast and solid cast material, while the great majority of our decorative trims utilize the extrusion method that encases an EPS foam core. 

Aria limestone provides great advantages over heavy castings, cast concrete or solid stone: it requires no mechanical fastenings or holes in building walls that create unnecessary vulnerabilities; and the beauty of the finished product is unparalleled.


The aesthetic effects of real Venetian plaster are unmatched.  Products that claim to be "Venetian plaster" do not compare to authentic plaster.  The reason behind this is the composition of the real plaster, which is composed of seasoned slaked lime, marble, quartz, colored earth, and natural pigments. 

Venetian plasters begin as Dolomitic limestone rocks harvested from the rivers of northern Italy. The traditional method requires the river stones to be cooked for 10 days at 900℃, then hydrated, slaked and seasoned for a minimum of 2 years. Troweled onto your walls, the plaster solidify back into stone by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere in the curing process over time.

Appropriate for either indoor or outdoor use, Venetian plaster is an all natural material that can be applied in a variety of different surface finishes and textures, giving an array of aesthetic options. As light refracts on the plasters, the colors are enriched as they return to your senses, giving organic warmth to your walls and to your rooms. Please take a closer look at the variety of applications in our gallery below.